Parker I/O,Parker分销商,苏州璟丰机电有限公司

The modular Parker I/O System (PIO) is a convenient and flexible system for connecting field devices to the ACR9000 and Compax3 series of controllers. A wide variety of control signals can be accommodated. The flexible design ensures optimal adaptability to different applications.

I/O features include:

Fieldbus-independent layout

Easy to expand with additional modules

Exceptionally compact design

Safe, reliable contacting


Different voltages can be combined

Available Modules Include:

CANopen Fieldbus coupler (standard or eco coupler)

Digital Inputs (2-,4-,8-channel terminal)

Analog Inputs (12/14 bits)

Digital Outputs (2-,4-,8- channel terminal)

Analog Outputs(12 bits)